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Since graduating from the Washington University of Dental Medicine, Dr. Todd Morgan has built a solid reputation as an expert in the field of dental sleep medicine. During his more than 28 years of practice in California, he has conducted many clinical research trials, developed new apnea treatment devices and published several research papers regarding the treatment of headaches, sleep apnea and snoring.

Dr. Morgan believes that patient care should revolve around information, a comfortable environment and the most effective, innovative treatment solutions. He is excited to help other dental providers expand their practice by sharing his firsthand knowledge and experience in this course.

Additionally, Dr. Morgan is one of the original contributors to the ABDSM written examination test, and both the architect and Director of the AADSM Board Exam Review Courses. His experience and insight into the Board examination process will deliver confidence and success.

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After serving as the Director of Strategic Planning at Nokia, Mitchell Simon launched the Simon Leadership Alliance in 2002, which is now recognized as a top ten Corporate Training company in San Diego.

Through cutting-edge executive coaching, training, and retreats, the Simon Leadership Alliance makes a significant impact to the leadership, communications, and strategic execution of executives, executive teams, and entrepreneurs across the globe.
He is thrilled to be joining Dr. Morgan to help dentists develop the business and leadership skills required to expand their practices and serve more patients.